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Smart Home

The ever-evolving smart home technology is making homes smarter and more efficient, from security monitoring and appliances to lighting and entertainment.
Exploring the Smart Home Ecosystem: A Segmentation Analysis
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Exploring the Smart Home Ecosystem: A Segmentation Analysis

The purpose of this study is to identify segments among smart home technology users based on attitudes and behaviors

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16th State of the Builder Technology Market
CTA Consumer Technology Extended Forecasts 2018-2023
smart home

The Ringing Future of Smart Home Technology

From the technicolor robotic vacuums of The Jetsons to Tony Stark’s AI-controlled Malibu home in Iron Man, smart home technology has been inherently linked to the American cultural vision of the future and the innovation it brings.

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Smart Home Division

The Smart Home Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)?, formerly the TechHome? Division, seeks to drive awareness and demand for smart home products, systems and services. The division represents the entire channel for home control, entertainment and networking products including integrators, distributors, manufacturers and startups.

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